Top Tips To Understanding What A Brand Is?
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Top Tips To Understanding What A Brand Is?

Happy New Year to all. A new year comes with it new beginnings and new goals to be achieved. A new coat of paint on your business or personal brand maybe? Stop! Before you do anything please take time to read this article and hopefully you will start your new year with a clearer mind of what your brand is.

Is it bird? Is it’s a plane? No. Its your brand. A brand is more than a name or design that is used to identify a company’s products or services from other brands. A brand is seen as one of the company’s most valuable asset, so you need to take time in choosing a brand which is best for your company. A brand is the essence or promise and character of a company, product, school or individual. In most cases if your brand is so strong and accepted by a large number of people it will go viral to the extent that instead of people calling at products with their names, they will use your brand name to call it.


For instance, ‘Pampers’ is a brand name for diapers which is the actual name but instead of calling them diapers, people call them pampers and in Zimbabwe other established brands like ‘Huggies’ are often referred to as ‘Pampers’. A good brand touches on all human senses but because our consumers are mainly visual, a company’s success is through its brand name or symbol, if you are a new business in the market you may want to choose a brand name which people will not forget.

Below is a few examples of a few types of business brands.

Product brands are usually in the same manufacturing family like Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kefalos or Dairibord.

Lyons is one product brand name which is in the market together with other brands which produce the same products. So, in order for customers to know that although there are many different types of products they are endorsed by the mother brand, Lyons, they made sure that their brand name will be on all their products. Same goes for global brands like Dove, Colgate or Staedtler. Association with the mother brand is an endorsement of the same trusted quality and delivery.

Services are intangible. You can only feel them but you can’t touch them.  This makes Service Brands harder to market compared to physical products or goods. One needs to positively develop and manage a strong positive brand image in order to gain people’s trust as well as have more customers. A number of businesses fall under the service brand category and this includes banks, agents, retail stores, airlines and hotels.

FBC Holdings is one type of a company that offers service brands through its divisions, financial services, commercial banking, mortgage financing and many other type of services. They have done well in differentiating them from each other but standing under the same holding brand.

Business brands deliver both products and services to consumers or clients. This type of brand can also be linked to product brands depending on the type of service offered. For example a seed company like SeedCo sells branded seed but also offers farming expert advice and workshops plus backup service.

If we take a look at Dominion Marketing, a furniture producer, they pride in creative solutions for your home and office so their brand essence is centre around their service and turnkey solutions.

Every country or city seeks to brand themselves so as to build awareness to foreigners who may not be living in that certain area about their essential qualities. This brand is often used to attract new residents, investments or even tourists. Just like any other brand the objective is to create value so as to sell and increase income.

Our very own super brand, Victoria Falls is one place that has been geographically branded as a tourist attraction centre. The more people visit the place the more the town and its locals’  finances improves get.

There are more categories of brands such as Government brands, Personal brands, Non-profit brands, and Ingredient brands. We will touch on these indirectly during the course of this year. Remember, a brand is more than the visual. It is the essence, the culture and the character.