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Zimbabwe at 40!

You know they say that life begins at 40. In commemoration of Zimbabwe’s 40th birthday, we decided to dedicate 40 days to celebrating our roots and our rich heritage.
We are Changing the Narrative, changing how people speak about and view Zimbabwe. We are choosing to glorify our nation and explore the many aspects that tie us together as Zimbabweans. There are many things to complain about but there are equally as many things to celebrate and that is what we choose to focus on.
Each week we will choose a different aspect of Beautiful Zimbabwe to focus on, and present the interesting facts we find.
Our first week was focused on the natural beauty gifted to us by God. Besides having the most beautiful sunsets and the most breathtaking night skies Zimbabwe, is Nature’s masterpiece.
We have the only quadripoint in the world!

The only place in the world you can be in four nations at once is near the Kanyemba border. At this quadripoint Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia meet.


Lake Kariba is the world’s biggest lake (by volume)

Lake Kariba is 220km long and 40km wide with a maximum depth of 96,9 km.

Home to the Big Five of the wild!

Zimbabwe is home to Africa’s big five: the African Bush Elephant, the Black Rhino, the Buffalo, the Lion and the Leopard. All of these animals except the Buffalo are protected and endangered species.

Mount Nyangani stands proud at 2595m, the highest point in Zimbabwe.

A majestic home for the giant of the lands

Zimbabwe is home to the largest land-living mammal, the African elephant. The mammal can grow up 4m high at the shoulder. You can identify this gentle giant by its big Africa-shaped ears.

The beauty is on our side.

Mosi-O-Tunya, ‘The smoke that thunders’ is one of the largest waterfalls in the world at 1,7km wide and more than 100m high. The noise of the mighty Falls can be heard from a distance of 40km. And the spray and can be seen from a distance of 50km. The waterfall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.