Happy International Women’s Day 2021
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Happy International Women’s Day 2021

“If you want something said ask a man; if you want something done ask a woman” – Margaret Thatcher


It is no question that women are trailblazers and MawazoBD has always worked with creative women in pioneering its mission to deliver quality work to its Partners. From publications to design, communications to crafting ideas into action, our team is made complete by the contributions from these ladies. Today we celebrate you. You are dope, remarkable and exquisite.


The world has had many international celebrations of the International Women’s Day till date and with each we notice a gradual change or improvement in that dimension. Women emancipation, recognition and visibility in different spectrums is still a journey and from what we have achieved so far, we will celebrate. Conversations of shunning women or their efforts might always be there due to different opinions, which is why we believe in changing the narrative. As highlighted at the beginning, we believe women are change-makers and they should continue to show their worth in that they can do anything they set their minds too.


The world in marketing identifies the number of efforts to help foster a gender equal world. Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while shaming inequality, is essential. Just for a second, can you imagine a world without women? Sheesh! You know it would not make perfect sense. Speaking of which, women in business and marketing are in a peculiar position of building the framework for how companies engage with the public. Africa has a common proverb that says, “Educate a woman, you educate a nation” and if one looks vividly at how things work in the African setup, some ideas and mannerisms have been greatly influenced by women.


In Zimbabwe, you will hear people saying, “Musha mukadzi” meaning every home needs a woman figure for it to function well. We have felt at home in different places, work included. More so, whilst in this celebratory mood, we recognise women in leadership, corporates and organisations who are building waves despite Covid-19 and its challenges. Each generation of women, with its own uniqueness, should never forget that [you] are amazing and important. Happy #IWD2021 and go out there and change the narrative.