Mawazo – Celebrating African Brands Supporting Economic Growth
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Mawazo – Celebrating African Brands Supporting Economic Growth

African brands and economic growth


The beautiful continent of Africa is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, precious metals, raw materials and fertile soil. Africa is a hub for creativity, now more than ever African culture is sought after and influencing design, film, fashion, arts, architecture and so forth globally. We would like to celebrate the African Brands that carved all this possible.



Africa is a rainbow nation and its brands have accumulated recognition in support of its products, services and diversified culture. This has resulted in Africa embracing modernity in a different way such as establishing their products online like how Blacqmarket is doing; working with production houses and setting up online stores such as Eclipse Business Studio. These Brands now export to other continents crossing borders and creating connections with the Western world. For starters, we would like to give you a brief overview of the African brands supporting the economy.



Economic Growth


The economic growth in Africa varies significantly across countries and regions with the multiplicity extending beyond culture and trade to factors such as historical development, international relations, and vital resources. The largest drivers of the African economy are agriculture, natural resources, and trade. We will take a look at some of these leading country of origin for African Brands that have been doing pretty well globally. Brands such as Dangote Group, a Nigerian multinational industrial conglomerate that handles products such as cement, salt, flour, steel, oils and gas and packaging, Tiger Brands Limited a South African Brand that manufactures, processes and distributes food products, Mukwano Group of Companies a leading FMCG company based in Uganda with respected household products throughout East and Central Africa, the list is endless with ECONET Zimbabwe, MTN and DSTV South Africa, SAFARICOM Kenya as the highest Brands listed on the leading SUB-SAHARAN bourses. In construction, companies like Smart Building Solutions are taking the lead with their prefabricated containers. With consistent growth and improvement, it is estimated that the African economy will reach a GDP of $29 trillion by the year 2050, playing a major role in the global economy.


As we promised you, we were brief. But! do read our next blog on Entertainment and Fashion. We have more African brands to tell you about.